Embraer E195-E2 will debut in the US from November with Porter Airlines

Canadian carrier announces flights from Toronto and Ottawa to five destinations in the US state of Florida

The Embraer E195-E2 will soon debut in the United States through Canadian carrier Porter Airlines. The company has scheduled the start of flights with aircraft for November, covering five cities in the state of Florida, with departures from Toronto and Ottawa, in Canada.

In all, Porter will offer seven daily round-trip routes between destinations in the US and Canada. Segments include flights from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, and from Ottawa to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

“Canadians are used to flying to Florida, but not like this. Porter’s all-economy onboard service is unmatched by any other carrier in North America,” said Kevin Jackson, vice president and chief commercial officer, Porter Airlines.

Whether that’s free WiFi, in the middle seats, free beer and wine alongside premium snacks, or fresh, healthy food, Porter is challenging the industry’s definition of economy air travel. We believe that time onboard our aircraft is just as important as at the destination.”

Porter Airlines E195-E2 cabin (Embraer)

The Canadian carrier is one of the biggest customers for the new E2 jets. Porter Airlines, which is the first North American operator of the new generation of Embraer aircraft, has ordered 50 E195-E2 models configured with 132 seats.

According to data from Planespotters, the company has 15 aircraft of this type in its fleet, the most recent of which was delivered on August 16.

US-designed E2 jet is on hold

The United States is the country where most Embraer commercial jets are in service. There are around 700 E-Jets in operation with 10 companies, most of which are regional carriers that work in partnership with major local airlines.

The new models of the E2 series, however, still haven’t made it there due to bureaucratic issues.

The E175-E2 test aircraft (Embraer)

The most numerous Embraer jet in the US, with more than 560 aircraft in operation, is the E175, whose design meets the scope clause agreed by the airlines with the crew union.

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Its replacement is the E175-E2, however, the project was frozen by the Brazilian manufacturer last year due to the lack of prospects of changing the clause, which bars the use of planes with more than 76 seats and a maximum takeoff weight of 86,000 pounds.

Embraer says it expects to resume development of the aircraft between 2027 and 2028.


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