Following the Netherlands and Denmark, Norway will also send its F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

Norwegian Prime Minister confirmed donation on visit to Kiev. The country’s Air Force operated 57 aircraft of the model, but a good part will be transferred to Romania

The fleet of F-16 fighters that the Ukrainian Air Force will count on in the future has grown. After Denmark and the Netherlands announced the donation of part of their aircraft, Norway also confirmed a similar plan.

On a visit to Kiev, the Norwegian prime minister, Jonas Gahr Stoere, said that he will soon reveal the quantities and deadline for delivery of the Lockheed Martin aircraft.

‘We are planning to donate Norwegian F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, and will provide further details about the donation, numbers and time frame for delivery, in due course,’ said Gahr Støre.

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The Norwegian leader also revealed that the air force would provide two Norwegian F-16 jets for training purposes.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force operated 57 F-16 fighters, but has already negotiated 32 of them with Romania in 2022. Another 12 jets are expected to be passed on to Draken International, a private company that provides air combat training for air forces such as the United States United.

The remaining 13 F-16s would not be able to fly, which suggests that Norway can rearrange the agreements already closed.

Norwegian F-35 fighter jets flying alongside a B-1B bomber (LM)


Like other NATO members, Norway has also chosen the Lockheed Martin F-35A to replace its aging fighters. The Air Force would have at least 24 stealth aircraft out of a total order of 52 aircraft.

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Last week, the Netherlands and Denmark confirmed the sending of part of the F-16 fighters that are being replaced by the F-35 to reinforce the Ukrainian air defense, after US approval.


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