Brazilian Air Force KC-390

Colombia in advanced talks to acquire the Embraer KC-390 – report

The country has been aiming to replace its old C-130 Hercules for at least 15 years and even signed a Letter of Intent for the Brazilian aircraft

The Colombian Air Force (FAC) would be in advanced talks to order the C-390 Millennium from Embraer, reported Brazilian magazine Veja.

According to the outlet, the manufacturer’s vice president of institutional relations was at an event in March where he discussed a possible agreement with Colombian authorities.

With nine older C-130 Hercules turboprops in operation, the Colombian Air Force has long considered a replacement for Lockheed Martin’s aircraft and the C-390 is often mentioned.

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In 2010, FAC signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 12 airlifters from Embraer amid negotiations for companies in the country to participate in the development of the C-390.

Colombian Air Force C-130 Hercules (Aeroprints)

None of this ended up happening and Colombia remains without a replacement for Hercules. Last year, however, Brazil’s Defense Minister revealed that talks between the two countries had resumed.

Kfir fighters close to deactivation

Colombia’s renewed interest comes at a time when the Air Force is experiencing difficulties renewing its fighter fleet.

For some time, the South American country has been seeking to replace the Kfir fighters, supplied by Israel, which are nearing the end of their useful life. They are expected to stop flying at the end of 2024.

Colombian Kfir fighters (USAF/Sgt. Angela Ruiz)

The Dassault Rafale was chosen as the Colombian Air Force’s new fighter, however, an agreement was not possible because the government wanted to acquire small batches of the aircraft, which was refused by the French manufacturer.

The current president, Gustavo Petro, the first leftist to take office, has made statements against Israel in the conflict with Hamas in Palestine, and this has generated criticism about the maintenance of the Kfir jets.

The lack of financial resources to modernize the air force, therefore, could be an obstacle to an agreement, despite the efforts of the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to find new customers for the Embraer military jet.


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