Amaszonas Embraer E190 jets have their registrations canceled by the Bolivian government

Four aircraft leased in 2020 belong to the leasing company that requested their return after the airline failed to pay debts

Amaszonas, private-owned airline based in Bolivia, had to suspend its operations on Tuesday after the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), the country’s civil aviation authority, canceled the registrations of its four Embraer E190 jets.

The measure was announced late Monday night by the DGAC, which was justified by the Geneva and Chicago conventions, according to the agency.

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As a result, the E190s registered CP-3135, CP-3142, CP-3145 and CP-3171 can no longer be operated by Amaszonas and can be returned to their lessor, the company GY Aviation Lease 1816 Co. Limited (part of CBD Group).

Of the four planes, only two were actually flying, the E190 registration CP-3135 and CP-3171. The CP-3145 jet flew to Embraer headquarters on June 14 for maintenance while the CP-3145 has been parked for months without use.

The first E190 was delivered to Amaszonas in 2019 (CDB)

The DGAC, however, stressed that Amaszonas is still allowed to carry out commercial flights since its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is valid until December 2024.

On its social networks, Amazonas confirmed the temporary suspension of its flights on Tuesday, but maintained its confidence in reversing the situation. The airline also stated that “it will carry out its defense before the instances that correspond according to the law”.

US investment fund

According to the country’s media, GY Aviation collects a debt of US$ 17 million in payments related to the leasing of Brazilian aircraft. Amaszonas would have questioned the amount, stating that it owes US$ 11 million.

Amaszonas was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Santa Cruz de La Sierra. Commercial flights began in 2000 with only chartered operations in small turboprops.

In 2012, with the bankruptcy of AeroSur, Amaszonas took over five CRJ200 jets that started regular flights.

The airline went through a financial crisis that caused it to lose its Air Operator Certificate (OAC), but in 2021 Nella Linhas Aéreas, owned by businessman Mauricio Sousa, acquired all of its capital.

Amaszonas was acquired by the Nella Linhas Aéreas

The plan was for Amaszonas to receive Boeing 737 jets and expand its operation, but the network remained restricted in the following months.

According to an executive statement, the airline is finalizing an agreement with US investors to receive financial resources.


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