MC-21-310 test aircraft

Aeroflot considers replacing orders for SJ100 and Tu-214 with more MC-21 airliners

According to Russian media, the flag airline will convert an agreement signed two years ago into an order for 339 Yakovlev MC-21s

Aeroflot is reviewing a massive 2022 order with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) to receive 339 Russian commercial jets.

Originally, the order included 40 Tu-214s, 89 SJ100s and 210 MC-21s, the latter the most advanced airliner developed in Russia.

However, the carrier’s executive chairman, Sergei Aleksandrovsky, told broadcaster Rossiya that Aeroflot is transferring all orders to the MC-21.

“Given that deadlines are increasingly delayed, we carefully analyze the agreement with the manufacturer. We are talking about transforming all 339 aircraft into MC-21s,” said Aleksandrovsky.

UAC Tu-214 RA-64518 (UAC)

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While the Tu-214 is a twin-engine aircraft of old design that is being reactivated on the assembly line, the SJ100 is a “Russified” variant of the SuperJet, that is, without components from Western suppliers.

The 100-seat regional jet, however, is no longer operated by Aeroflot, which passed them on to its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines.

The MC-21-310 and SSJ-100 jetliners (UAC)

The MC-21 is an aircraft with capacity for up to 211 passengers in the MC-21-310 variant. Aeroflot would also have another smaller version, the MC-21-200, which has a capacity similar to an Airbus A320neo.

UAC is currently in the process of certifying the MC-21 with PD-14 engines and local content. The most recent forecast is that the first jets could be delivered in 2025 or 2026.

Despite the delays, UAC plans to produce 270 MC-21s by 2030.


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