United Express signs contract for 39 Embraer E175

Embraer aircraft made to meet US scope clause continues to be the most successful model of the manufacturer

It sounds like a curse, but one that brings benefits. Embraer has announced a new order for its regional jets at the opening of the Paris Air Show, precisely the first generation E175, which has been the preferred choice of US airlines since 2013.

United Express signed a purchase agreement for 39 aircraft airplanes, 20 in firm orders and 19 options. The new E175 will be deliver from the second quarter of 2020 with 70 seats and will replace older units of the same model that fly with the airline’s partners.

According to Embraer, the E175 has got 80 percent of jet sales up to 76 seats and meets the so-called “scoping clause,” enforced by US airline major airline syndicates to prevent them from passing major routes to their regional ones, which pay less to the crew.

Currently, Embraer does not have a strong competitor in this segment. Only Bombardier offers its smaller-capacity CRJ family, although it is selling the program.

The A220 is too big to be used on these routes, but Mitsubishi’s future SpaceJet M100, formerly MRJ70, may be a problem for the Brazilian manufacturer and its future partner, Boeing. The Japanese company has decided to revise the configuration of the regional jet to meet US restrictions.

Embraer insists on offering the E175-E2, a larger and heavier version of the model that, although more efficient, can not be bought by its customers. The good sales of E175 have only made this situation worse, in a sort of upside-down curse.

The SpaceJET M100 will be a strong competitor to E175 (Mitsubishi)


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