Modern Logistics to renew Boeing 737 fleet and plans for international flights

Brazilian cargo airline completed five years of operations in 2022 amid a restructuring process

In operation since 2017, the cargo airline Modern Logistics, from Brazil, announced its plans for 2023, when it intends to start international flights.

The company also revealed that it is in negotiations to renew its fleet of Boeing 737-300F and 737-400F jets. . The plan would be to fly with the Boeing 737-800BCF, which has greater cargo capacity and lower operating costs.

Currently, Modern Logistics has four jets in service, in addition to planning to receive an ATR 72-500F turboprop.

According to the company’s CEO, Mario Fernandes da Costa, “Over the past five years, Modern Logistics has enjoyed significant growth, becoming one of the most transformative and cutting-edge providers of multimodal logistics services in Brazil”.

Modern Logistics has four Boeing 737F in its fleet (ML)

“Despite a successful track record and rapid growth, the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and its negative impact on the economic operating environment severely tested the Company’s ability to continue growing at the same fast pace as in the past,” he added.

Due to the health crisis, Modern Logistics had to undertake a restructuring that reduced the staff and increased productivity by updating IT tools.

Also according to da Costa, in 2023 the company has authorization from ANAC (Brazilian civil aviation authority) to carry out international flights, provided there is demand from its customers.


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