End of Boeing 747 production is coming

Final aircraft, a 747-8F freighter, was seen on the assembly line at Everett and could be delivered in October

The end of production for one of the most iconic aircraft in history is near. Boeing is already in the final stages of assembling the MSN 67150 aircraft, a 747-8F that will be delivered to Atlas Air, initially in October.

In recent days, two images have surfaced showing a 747 freighter at the Everett facility. The first claims to be the aircraft that will receive the registration number N863GT, but there is no reliable source on this.

The other photo, published by Paine Airport, which tracks the movement of aircraft manufactured by Boeing, shows a 747 in an different stage of production, in the area of ​​systems installation.

Image from unknown source shows what would be the last 747 on the assembly line at Everett

The final Boeing 747 will be the 1,574th aircraft of its type manufactured by airframer since 1970, when the first four-engine widebody was delivered to Pan Am.

Boeing currently has three 747s pending delivery for Atlas Air, the MSN 67148, which is conducting test flights, the MSN 67149 and the MSN 67150.

Boeing reports that it has delivered 1,570 747 jets through July. The order list appears wider, with 1,768 aircraft, including the three Atlas Air 747-8Fs appearing as pending delivery.

747 order list, according to Boeing

Model Qt.
747-8 58
747-8F 142
747-100 275
747-200 408
747-300 81
747-400 544
747-400D 20
747-400ER 6
747-400ERF 40
747-400F 130
747-400M 64
Total 1768


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