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Embraer once again claims to have more than 200 E2 jets in sales campaigns

The manufacturer had made the same statement a year ago. Company CEO, Francisco Gomes Neto reinforced that Embraer does not plan to launch a new narrowbody in the coming years

Embraer is optimistic about new sales contracts for the E2 family of commercial jets, according to statements by the company’s CEO, Francisco Gomes Neto, during the presentation of the results for the first quarter of 2024.

Gomes Neto repeated a statement made exactly one year ago, in which he revealed that there are currently sales campaigns for more than 200 E2 aircraft.

The chief executive, however, did not want to reveal potential clients, only stating that negotiations take place across regions of the world.

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Francisco Gomes Neto, CEO Embraer (BG)

Since May 2023, however, Embraer has sold just 36 new E2s, going from a total of 270 orders to 306 firm orders by March 2024.

The company is betting on its ability to quickly deliver new jets, as it has vacant slots from 2026 onwards.

It is a more comfortable situation for airlines and lessors to receive aircraft in a shorter period of time, unlike Airbus and Boeing, which are experiencing delays in deliveries.

Francisco Gomes Neto also anticipated that Embraer should deliver a hundred commercial aircraft in 2025, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Fictional concept of an Embraer narrow-body jet (Air Data News rendering over an Embraer image)

Flattered but down to earth

Embraer’s CEO responded to questions about a hypothetical narrow-body jet to compete with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 in the market.

He said that the company’s top management saw the rumors as something positive, reinforcing that the market considers Embraer a company capable of offering a product in the segment, but assured that there is no plan to launch such an aircraft in the coming years.

Still, Gomes Neto acknowledged that Embraer “is always evaluating” alternatives.

The chief executive also addressed the dispute with Boeing regarding the end of the joint venture that would unite the companies’ commercial divisions in 2020. According to him, a verdict should be known by the end of the semester.


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