Bombardier CS100

CS100 complete nonstop transatlantic flight between London and New York

Bombardier aircraft flight from London City Airport to New York John F. Kennedy Airport
Bombardier CS100 take off from London City

Bombardier’s new CS100 passenger jet made an impressive demonstration for a commercial jet focused on regional flights. The aircraft simulated a series of flights between New York and London nonstop. The regional jet was able to fly for about 3,000 nautical miles and more: landed and took off at the small London City airport, known for the noise and weight restrictions of the aircraft that use it.

Bombardier did not disclose under what conditions the CS100 performed the task, only confirming that it flew “with a representative payload.” According to the European press, the jet had a configuration equivalent to 42 passengers, or less than half its capacity. Still, it is quite a feat. As an example, British Airways operates an Airbus A318, the smallest jet of the family, on the NY-London route with only 36 seats, but needs to land to refuel in Ireland – the lack of attractiveness of the flight made the airline only offer one weekly flight.

In addition, the Canadian aircraft was able to operate at the most demanding approach angles required to obtain the certification that allows to use the London City, for example. Bombardier expects to obtain this certification in the second quarter of this year. Operating from the London airport, the CS100 is capable of flying for 2,350 nautical miles (4,350 km) with up to 130 passengers.

Delays in schedule

Despite the successful test, Bombardier’s new CS family is well behind schedule – the first commercial flights were due in 2013. However, the first aircraft started operating in July last year by Swiss. With just 360 units sold so far, most (66%) of the larger version CS300 and which has as its opponent popular versions of the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 jets.

London City Airport has strict rules for an aircraft to operate on it


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