Saab delivers another Gripen E fighter to Brazil

The aircraft was transported by the ship Florijngracht, which docked at a port in the south of the country on December 11th. New fighter, designated FAB 4107, is the seventh operational to be received from an order for 36 jets

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is expected to receive another Saab F-39E Gripen fighter in the coming days. The Dutch-flagged ship Florijngracht docked on Monday, 11th, at Portonave port, in Navegantes, in the south of the country, carrying another aircraft inside.

The new Gripen bears the designation FAB 4107, being the seventh operational and eighth to arrive in the country – there is also the FAB 4100, with the Brazilian flag on the tail, and which is used in the test program.

As has been routine, the fighter was lifted from the ship, had its landing gear reassembled and then was towed to nearby Navegantes Airport.

A Saab pilot will take off with the Gripen in the coming days towards Anápolis Air Base, where the F-39 is based.

Brazilian F-39 Gripens (FAB)

Delivery schedule

The Brazilian Air Force has a firm order for 36 Gripen fighters, including two-seat versions, and intended to have all of them by 2026, according to a 2019 document.

However, the program was delayed and revised. In August, a presentation from the Air Force was leaked, showing a new schedule in which deliveries will be completed in 2027.

Under the new schedule, the FAB will receive three fighters in 2023, as well as in 2024. Saab will send just two jets in 2025 and then 11 aircraft in 2026 and 11 more in 2027.

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Among them will be the two-seat F-39F, which are still under development and do not have a test aircraft ready.

The Brazilian government is negotiating with Sweden a second batch of fighters in exchange for an order for Embraer C-390 Millennium military freighters for the European country’s Air Force.

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