First two-seat Gripen F fighter undergoes assembly in Sweden

Brazilian Air Force ordered eight aircraft of the new Gripen in the two-seat version

For the time being an exclusive variant for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the Gripen F, a two-seat fighter, has begun to take shape at the Saab factory in Linköping, Sweden, as shown in the images released this week..

Production of the Gripen F has been underway since March 2020, when the Swedish company started production of the first components of the aircraft.

According to Saab, the two-seat aircraft shares the same design and advanced features as the single-seat Gripen E, but with an additional seat, screens and flight controls for a second crew member.

The Gripen F is primarily intended for pilot training, although it can also be configured for different military operations, as well as carrying the same weapons and sensor systems compatible with the Gripen E.

First Gripen F (Saab)

The Brazilian Air Force has ordered eight fighters in the two-seat version, in addition to the 28 planes for one pilot – there are four other Gripen ordered later.

Originally, the production of the Gripen F would be carried out in Brazil by Embraer, but the Brazilian Air Force changed the plan and will assemble 15 Gripen E in Gavião Peixoto.

The development and delivery schedule of the FAB Gripen F, however, already accumulates some delay. The variant’s inaugural flight, to be carried out in Sweden, was scheduled for October 2021 and deliveries of the first units to the Brazilian command were scheduled for this year. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, these deadlines were not met.

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Despite the advance in the production of the first Gripen F, neither Saab nor the FAB released new forecasts about the aircraft’s first flight or a revised date for deliveries. The Swedish manufacturer, however, has already informed a few times that it intends to complete the delivery of the first batch of Gripen fighters to Brazil by 2027.

By the way, two new Gripen E have just been loaded onto ships in Sweden and are on their way to Brazil, where they will join the other five fighters already delivered.

Saab also sent kits of parts to start assembly in Brazil this month.


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