Hungarian Gripen C

Hungary will upgrade its Gripen C/D fighter jets

Saab will install new avionics package on the 14 aircraft of the Hungarian Air Force, which will allow access to new weapons

Hungary and Sweden have agreed an upgrade agreement for the Gripen C/D fighter jets operated by the Hungarian Air Force, which have been in service under lease since 2005.

As revealed by Saab, which will do the work, the 14 fighters will be updated to the MS20 Block 2 standard which consists of several improvements.

“Sensor capability is being enhanced by a radar upgrade to the PS-05/A Mk 4 which means that the air-to-air target tracking range as well as the performance increases significantly. air targets, improved clutter suppression, and brings growth potential for further developments in the air-to air and air-to-ground modes”, said the manufacturer.

The Gripen Block 2 will also have new communication capabilities due to the modernization of Link16 (NATO data link) in addition to the installation of the Friend or Foe (IFF) NATO Mode 5 identification system.

The fighters of the Hungarian Air Force will have their military power increased by being able to carry IRIS-T missiles, GBU-49 laser-guided bombs and BVRAAM long-range radar-guided missiles, among others.

“Thanks to the modernization of the Hungarian Gripen aircraft, the operational capabilities of the Hungarian Air Force will be significantly increased. Our staff has appreciated the close and fruitful cooperation with the Swedish side on this specific modernization project as well as the cooperation during the 15 years that we have operated Gripen aircraft,” said Major General Nandor Kilian, HDF Air Force Inspector.

Hungary was the third country to operate the Gripen, after Sweden and the Czech Republic.


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