Honda to expand HondaJet family with 2600 model

Presented as a concept at the NBAA, the aircraft will be capable of carrying 11 passengers over distances of up to 2,625 nm

The HondaJet will have a larger-capacity version, the 2600 Concept. The Japanese planemaker unveiled its new business jet at NBAA-BACE on Tuesday, including a full-size mockup of the model.

Capable of carrying up to 11 passengers, the HondaJet 2600 promises to have a transcontinental range. According to Honda, the jet will be able to fly distances of up to 2,625 nm (4,862 km) non-stop, enough to link New York to Los Angeles, for example.

The aircraft is very similar to the HondaJet Elite S, with the same OTWEM (Over-The-Wing Engine Mount) solution and wings with laminar flow. Much of the aircraft’s structure will be made of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter.

Honda claims that the 2600 Concept will be even more efficient than its “smaller brother”. Estimated cruising speed is 450 knots and a service ceiling of 47,000 feet.

Even bigger, the new HondaJet will be certified for one-pilot operation. For this, the plane will have several automated systems such as autothrottle and autobrake.

“Over the past five years, we introduced the HondaJet Elite, then the Elite S, to further enhance the original HondaJet design. Now, we are validating market demand as we unveil a new aircraft concept in a different segment from the original HondaJet,” said Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Michimasa Fujino.

The Japanese company, however, has not revealed what plans are for the HondaJet 2600. For now, Honda plans to gather impressions from potential interested parties before launching the program.

Maximum Cruise Speed450 KTAS (834 km/h)
NBAA IFR Range (1 crew + 4 pax)2625 nm (4862 km)
Takeoff Distance3300 ft (1006 m)
Landing Distance2500 ft (762 m)
Exterior Dimensions 
Length57.79 ft (17.62 m)
Wing Span56.72 ft (17.29 m)
Height15.86 ft (4.84 m)
Interior Dimensions 
Length25.38 ft (7.74 m)
Width5.08 ft (1.55 m)
Height5.21 ft (1.59 m)
Baggage Space 
Combined Stowage120 cubic ft
Typical Configuration1 crew + 10 pax
Alternative Configuration 2 crew + 9 pax
Source: Honda


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