Embraer sells five more E195-E2s, but does not disclose the customer

In a short statement, the Brazilian manufacturer only said that four jets will be delivered in 2023 and that the airline “with exciting new plans for future growth”

Embraer announced another agreement for the sale of the E195-E2 jet, the largest model in the E2 family, with capacity for up to 146 passengers.

But, unlike other contracts, this time the Brazilian planemaker did not disclose which client it is. Instead, the company stated that the airline has “exciting new plans for future growth”.

Four of the five aircraft will be delivered by the end of 2023 and the fifth E195-E2 in 2024. The deal has a value of $389.4 million at list prices and the new order will be added to the backlog in the 4th quarter.

Potential customers around the world

If the order is from a new customer, there are several possible candidates. Embraer has proposals with Turkish and Bamboo Airways, from Vietnam, for example.

The E195-E2 also visited several countries on a tour of the Middle East and Pacific and it would not be surprising if one of the carriers that participated in the presentations was already negotiating with Embraer.


The E195-E2 Tech Lion in Tokyo (Tatsuyuki TAYAMA/Aviation Wire)

In Japan, the E195-E2 could be an alternative for a market that doesn’t have many jets below 150 seats. There was also a visit to South Korea and India, two new markets for the E2 family.

There is also China, where the E190-E2 recently obtained the type certificate and whose E195-E2 participated in the Zhuhai Airshow.

Another possibility on the table would be Aerolineas Argentinas. The country’s main airline operates the first generation E190 and has already expressed its interest in the E2.

While not revealing the identity of its new customer, Embraer will expand the E-Jets backlog once again. Until September, it had 188 E195-E2s to be delivered in addition to three E190-E2s.