Turkish Airlines had an offer for up to 20 Embraer E2 jets

Carrier president Ahmet Bolat, however, claimed to have asked for a proposal that would include the entire aircraft operating infrastructure, including pilots

Turkish Airlines once again showed interest in having a fleet of regional jets and that Embraer is one of the manufacturers willing to fill this gap.

In an interview with the Sam Chui, Ahmet Bolat, president of the carrier, revealed that the company is negotiating to operate between 15 and 20 E2 jets, but expects a broader proposal from the Brazilian planemaker, which even involves the aircraft crew.

“Bring the aircraft, the pilots, bring power-by-the-hour maintenance, then I take the aircraft. Such an offer I would consider,” said Bolat. The chief executive argued that it was impossible to create an entire infrastructure to support the planes, which would affect the commercial operation, considered marginal.

Turkish also says it is studying financial leasing or wet-leasing, with the provision of full service for the jets.

Former Turkish RJ70 (Aero Icarus)

The interest of the largest Turkish airline in Embraer planes is old. In 2019, the then chairman of Turkish’s Board of Directors revealed that the company was studying an order for an E190/195 or an Airbus A220.

However, in June local media anticipated an imminent order for 30 A220s, arguing that Turkish would have preferred the Airbus plane because of the longer range and lower operating costs. However, to date the alleged agreement has not been announced.

Turkish operated the four-engine RJ70 and RJ100, but retired the last of the British planes in 2006. Since then, the airline has had the Airbus A319 as its smallest aircraft.


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