Lockheed Martin announces delivery of first two F-16 Block 70 to Slovakia

The European nation’s Air Force has ordered 14 combat aircraft, which will be delivered by 2025

Lockheed Martin has delivered the first two F-16 Block 70 fighter jets to the Slovak Air Force, the company announced on January 10.

One of the aircraft is a two-seater version and displays registration 1101 in addition to SVK AF (Slovak Air Force) markings.

The European country has ordered a total of 14 aircraft of the most advanced variant of the fighter jet. They will be delivered by 2025, Lockheed Martin explained.

The arrival of the first group of F-16s in Slovakia will only occur in the middle of the year, the so-called “ferry cell”.

“The delivery of the first two F-16 Block 70 jets to Slovakia signifies a crucial starting point in bolstering the country’s defense capabilities. We are proud to be part of this endeavor and are committed to delivering a total of 14 jets to Slovakia,” said OJ Sanchez, vice president and general manager of the Integrated Fighter Group at Lockheed Martin.

Slovak Air Force F-16 Block 70 (Lockheed Martin)

The F-16 returned to production after a hiatus of several years, when the original assembly line in Fort Worth, Texas, was occupied by the production of the F-35 Lightning II fighter.

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Lockheed then established a new assembly line in Greenville, South Carolina, which came into operation in 2022.

Currently, Lockheed Martin has 135 F-16 Block 70 in its backlog in addition to eight aircraft from a Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) signed with Bulgaria.