LATAM will paint five planes with the colors of the countries where it has domestic flights

South American carrier plans to give a local touch to Airbus A320 jets with looks from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile

Created in 2015, LATAM Airlines symbolized the unification of the airlines LAN Chile and TAM (Brazil), in which the blue and red colors, the same as the Chilean flag, became standardized on their aircraft.

Headquartered in Santiago de Chile, LATAM has half of the fleet of jets with Chilean registration – of the 333 planes, 167 are registered in the country.

Not by chance, the Chilean group decided to give a “local touch” to five of its aircraft, which will be painted with a version of its livery in the shades of the flags of the countries where it operates domestic flights.

The first A320 is receiving Brazilian livery and will fly again on January 11 (LATAM Airlines)

The first aircraft, an Airbus A320neo with registration PR-XBG, is already being painted to display a green and yellow look or, as the company says, “to celebrate the local pride of LATAM Brasil”.

According to the company, the paint began to be applied on Tuesday at LATAM MRO in Brazil, the group’s largest maintenance center.

The airline plans to return the A320neo to commercial flights as early as Thursday, January 11, on domestic routes and within South America.

The original LATAM livery (top) and local alternatives from five countries (LATAM Airlines)

During the year, LATAM will also make customized versions of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and also Chile. There could be a sixth livery with the sky blue of Argentina, but the group closed its branch in the country in 2020.

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The paintwork maintains the characteristics of the LATAM brand, only changing the tones used on the tail and the company logo applied to the side of the front door.

In the case of the Chilean plane, LATAM only needed to invert the red and blue colors to reach the final result.

Customized painting of LATAM with the colors of Brazil (LATAM Airlines)

Whether the action will make customers from other countries see the airline in a “more local way” remains to be seen, but there is no denying that the alternative liveries are interesting.


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