Embraer should only launch new planes from 2026 onwards

In an interview, the CEO of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer stated that the next two years will be about “harvesting” results and that the company will be able to deliver around 80 commercial aircraft in 2024

Embraer does not intend to launch any new planes on the market in 2024 and 2025. Instead, the Brazilian plane maker should focus on improving its financial results, its CEO, Francisco Gomes Neto, told Reuters.

“I think in two years from now, we can talk about new airplanes for Embraer,” said Gomes Neto, without naming a model or category.

Embraer is currently developing the Energia family of aircraft with hybrid propulsion, but the first product is only expected to hit the market around 2030.

Until last year, the planemaker announced its intention to launch a next-generation passenger turboprop with 70 to 100 seats, but abandoned the project due to the lack of a suitable engine.

Embraer future turboprop

Furthermore, the commercial aircraft market is at the beginning of a technological transition, aimed at eliminating pollutant emissions and the new aircraft could end up becoming obsolete quickly, depending on the configuration chosen.

Delivery target for 2024 could reach 80 aircraft

There is another product on hold, the E175-E2, the smallest jet in the family, but which has no orders after US airlines and pilots’ unions did not relax the scope clauses that prevent the operation of planes with more than 39 tons maximum take-off weight.

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At the same time, Embraer has taken advantage of the absence of competitors in the North American regional market to continue selling the first generation of the E175, which accounts for 86% of aircraft with 70 to 90 seats, according to Arjan Meijer, CEO of the aviation division. commercial.

The E175-E2 test aircraft (Embraer)

Gomes Neto also spoke about the expectation of revenue growth in 2024, which could reach 20%. The target for delivering commercial aircraft could reach 80 jets next year, in addition to 140 executive jets, he said, remembering that these are not official numbers.

In 2023, Embraer works with a goal of delivering 65 to 70 commercial jets, an increase compared to 2022, when 57 aircraft were delivered.


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