Embraer rethinks ‘Energia’ family of sustainable planes again

The planemaker once again considered a 50-seat variant, in addition to the 9- and 30-seat models

Embraer still seems somewhat undecided regarding the format of the Energia program, for sustainable technology aircraft. The project, launching in 2021, underwent a scope review a year later and has now had another update, according to statements made by its executives to Flight Global.

According to Rodrigo Silva e Souza, vice president of sales and marketing at Embraer Commercial Aviation, the Energia family will feature a 50-seat version, in addition to the nine- and 30-passenger models announced in December 2022.

The reason, according to him, was a request from potential airline customers who want “bigger planes.” The change is in line with the update of another similar project, by the start-up Heart, which replaced the ES-19 model with the ES-30 (30 seats).

Energia family (Embraer)

Embraer had already suggested a plane with 50 seats at the launch of the program, but decided to focus on two versions, with hybrid-electric and fuel cell electric propulsion.

Its executives admit that they are still trying to understand in which situations the aircraft can be used. The company is working on starting service for the hybrid-electric version in 2030, and the fuel cell version in 2035.

Turboprop in the past?

In a conversation with the outlet, Embraer stated that project updates will be presented to the company’s Board in November, when news will be released.

Regarding the next generation turboprop project, Embraer hinted that the aircraft was cancelled.

New gen turboprop concept (Embraer)

Arjan Meijer, CEO of Commercial Aviation, explained that the company proposed to put the model with up to 100 seats on the market by the end of the decade to obtain feedback from customers.

According to him, Embraer is now focused on bringing “truly green solutions” to the market with the Energia family.


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