Heart Aerospace reviews electric regional aircraft project

Swedish startup has given up the ES-19 in favor of the larger ES-30, but which uses hybrid-electric propulsion. Saab and Air Canada have become partners in the program

Startup from Sweden focused on aircraft projects with sustainable propulsion, Heart Aerospace announced on Thursday significant changes in its business. The first of these is the end of the ES-19 100% electric plane project, replaced by the ES-30 hybrid-electric model.

In addition, Heart announced the support of carrier Air Canada and manufacturer SAAB among the company’s minority shareholders.

According to Heart Aerospace, the ES-30 will be a regional aircraft capable of carrying up to 30 passengers and powered by four battery-powered electric motors. The aircraft will also feature a reserve hybrid configuration, comprising two turbogenerators fueled with sustainable aviation fuel.

ES-30 hybrid-electric regional aircraft (Heart)

The hybrid system, according to the Swedish startup, will serve to guarantee reserve power requirements without compromising battery range and can also be used while cruising on longer flights to supplement the electrical charge.

As a result, the ES-30 will have a range of 200 km in all-electric mode or an extended range of up to 800 km in hybrid mode.

“The ES-30 is an electric airplane that the industry can actually use. We have designed a cost efficient airplane that allows airlines to deliver good service over a wide range of routes,” said Anders Forslund, founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace.

The defunct ES-19 electric aircraft in United colors (Heart)

ES-19 orders transferred to ES-30

Like the ES-19, whose launch was promised for 2026, Heart Aerospace once again released an optimistic deadline for the ES-30’s debut: mid-2028.

The company also said that previous orders for the 100% electric plane, placed by United Airlines and Mesa Air Group for a total of 200 aircraft with an option for 100 more, were transferred to the new project.

In addition, the ES-30 has 96 Letters of Intent from customers such as Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA), Icelandair, SAS and Sounds Air. Rockton, a Swedish-based lessor, signed an LOI with for up to 40 airplanes.


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