Embraer managed to increase deliveries of commercial aircraft in the 3rd quarter

According to unofficial data, the planemaker had delivered 14 jets, five of which were E175s and nine E195-E2s. Total for the year reached 38 planes

Embraer increased the number of commercial aircraft delivered in the 3rd quarter of 2023, according to data collected by Air Data News. The Brazilian planemaker reportedly sent 14 jets to its customers, five E175s and nine E195-E2s between July and September.

If confirmed, the number is the highest for the period since the pandemic and only three planes less than in 2019.

In the first year of the health crisis, Embraer managed to deliver only seven aircraft, followed by nine planes in 2021 and ten last year.

So far this year, 38 commercial jets would have been delivered, which makes the target of 65 to 70 deliveries in 2023 feasible.

To reach the target, there would therefore only be 27 aircraft left to be sent to customers in the 4th quarter, a period in which there are traditionally many deliveries.

According to the data researched, Embraer sent an E195-E2 to Porter Airlines in July, another five aircraft of the model in August and three E195-E2 and five E175 in September.

Alaska Air (Horizon) E175 N662QX with a special livery (AA)

Largest E2 customer

Per customer, there would have been three E175s for Republic Airlines (United Express), two E175s for Horizon Air (Alaska), two E195-E2s for KLM Cityhopper and seven E195-E2s for Porter Airlines.

The Canadian carrier is currently the largest operator of E2 jets in the world, with 21 aircraft, a total that includes a plane delivered on October 10.

As predicted by the manufacturer itself, deliveries of aircraft from the E2 family have surpassed the E1 for the first time. In January and September there were 21 second generation jets compared to 17 first generation.

KLM Cityhopper E195-E2 (Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden)

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In 2022, Embraer managed to deliver 57 commercial aircraft, slightly below the target of 60 units. Until 2017, the company was able to deliver more than 100 aircraft per year.

The data collected by Air Data News is obtained from websites such as Airfleet and Planespotters and may vary in relation to Embraer’s official report, which will be released on October 26th.

  Date Model Customer Registration
1 25/07/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-GKQW
2 12/08/2023 E195-E2 KLM Cityhopper PH-NXR
3 16/08/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-GKQX
4 22/08/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-QKQY
5 25/08/2023 E195-E2 KLM Cityhopper PH-NXS
6 29/08/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-GKQZ
7 09/09/2023 E175 Horizon Air N661QX
8 13/09/2023 E175 Horizon Air N662QX
9 15/09/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-GZQC
10 22/09/2023 E175 Republic Airlines N764YX
11 22/09/2023 E175 Republic Airlines N765YX
12 22/09/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-GZQB
13 26/09/2023 E175 Republic Airlines N766YX
14 29/09/2023 E195-E2 Porter Airlines C-GZQE


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