Embraer’s new turboprop aircraft should debut only in the 2030s

CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, Arjan Meijer stated that the launch of TPNG is now scheduled for the next decade

Embraer’s next major project in air travel, the latest generation turboprop proposed by the company since 2019, should still take a few more years to reach the market.

In an interview with Aviation Week, Arjan Meijer, president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, declared that the launch of the advanced turboprop must be postponed “at least until the beginning of the 2030s”.

This is yet another change in the planemaker’s plans regarding the launch of the “TPNG” (Turboprop Next Generation) project, which at the end of last year was put on hold.

Until then, the presentation and entry into service of the aircraft was still expected for this decade, in mid-2028, a deadline now out of the question.

The main issue in the development of the new aircraft lies precisely in the selection of turboprop engines that must equip the aircraft with capacity between 70 and 90 passengers. Recently, Embraer CEO Francisco Gomes Neto reported that the manufacturer was still looking for the “right engine solution” for the TPNG.

Energia family (Embraer)

Not even Pratt & Whitney, which is the largest manufacturer of turboprop engines, has so far presented an adequate solution for Embraer’s new project that aims to compete with the French-Italian ATR aircraft, currently the biggest name in this category.

Another supplier could be Rolls-Royce, despite the company’s little tradition in this field, while General Electric refused to participate in the development.

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Embraer aims to offer very high operating economy compared to current models, together with a performance close to that of regional jets.

The dilemma also involves the expected transition between the use of kerosene and electric and hybrid hydrogen propulsion technologies, which are currently being studied, but expected only for the next decade.


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