Embraer reportedly delivered 20 commercial aircraft in December alone

Between Christmas and the New Year, 11 aircraft took off from the company’s headquarters to its customers, however, the target of delivering at least 60 jets may not have been reached

Embraer had a target of delivering between 60 and 70 commercial jets in 2022, a huge challenge for the company since by the third quarter only 27 aircraft had been delivered.

From what Air Data News was able to confirm, the Brazilian planemaker came close to reaching the milestone, especially after delivering at least 20 planes in December alone.

According to the data collected, 27 commercial jets were delivered in the 4th quarter – 14 E175s, three E190s and ten E195-E2s -, a total of 54 aircraft in 2022, six less than the most conservative forecast.

Air Cairo E190 (AC)

It is worth noting that the delivery process for a commercial aircraft is quite complex and sometimes takes days to complete. That’s what happened with the first E195-E2 of Porter Airlines, delivered in a ceremony on December 21, but which only flew to Canada the following week.

Therefore, Embraer may have delivered more planes, but without it being possible to confirm them by reliable sources. Many of the delivery flights also do not display the aircraft’s model, registration or owner in ADS-B traces, making this job difficult.

Flight between Christmas and New Year

The peak of aircraft take-off occurred between Christmas and New Year, when 11 jets left São José dos Campos, where the company’s headquarters are located, including the last three E190s produced, which went to Egypt within hours.

Azul took delivery of four E195-E2s in the quarter with the delivery of the PS-AEN registration aircraft, bringing the fleet to 14 jets, the same total as KLM Cityhopper, another to be awarded with a delivery in December.

The list was completed by several E175s received by US regional airlines such as Envoy Air (American), Republic Airlines (United Express), Skywest (Delta Connection) and Horizon Air (Alaska Air).

KLM E195-E2 (KLM)

Positive figures, despite being off target

If the figures are confirmed by the company, which should only happen at the end of February, Embraer will have something to celebrate, despite supposedly not having reached the goal.

The 54 commercial aircraft delivered last year means an increase of 13% compared to 2021, when the company delivered 48 jets – in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, there were only 44 planes.

Although it is still far from the pre-Covid period, when it delivered more than 100 jets a year, Embraer is currently facing a global crisis of lack of components, which has hindered its recovery, as well as Boeing and Airbus.

To top it off, there is a labor crisis, especially crew members, at airlines, and we have a very challenging scenario that should be repeated in 2023, perhaps on a smaller scale.

Porter E195-E2 (Embraer)
Delivery date/Take-off Model MSN Owner Registration Livery
11/10 E195-E2 19020077 Azul PS-AEI
24/10 E175 17000921 Skywest N320SY Delta Connection
28/10 E175 17000922 Skywest N322SY Delta Connection
04/11 E175 17000923 Skywest N323SY Delta Connection
23/11 E195-E2 19020079 Azul PS-AEJ
24/11 E175 17000929 Horizon Air N652MK Alaska Air
29/11 E175 17000924 Republic Airlines N753YX United Express
02/12 E175 17000926 Republic Airlines N754YX United Express
02/12 E195-E2 19020081 Azul PS-AEK
13/12 E175 17000927 Republic Airlines N755YX United Express
15/12 E195-E2 19020083 Azul PS-AEL
16/12 E195-E2 19020084 KLM Cityhopper PH-NXN
20/12 E175 17000928 Republic Airlines N756YX United Express
21/12 E195-E2 19020069 Porter Airlines C-GKQJ
22/12 E195-E2 19020071 Porter Airlines C-GKQL
24/12 E175 17000930 Horizon Air N653QX Alaska Air
27/12 E175 17000925 Skywest N324SY Delta Connection
28/12 E190 19000774 CIAF Leasing SU-BVI Air Cairo
28/12 E190 19000775 CIAF Leasing SU-BVG Air Cairo
29/12 E195-E2 19020070 Porter Airlines C-GKQK
29/12 E195-E2 19020088 Azul PS-AEN
30/12 E175 17000931 Envoy Air N303DD American Eagle
30/12 E175 17000932 Envoy Air N304KM American Eagle
30/12 E175 17000934 Envoy Air N305CL American Eagle
30/12 E190 19000776 CIAF Leasing SU-BVH Air Cairo
30/12 E195-E2 19020072 Porter Airlines C-GKQM
31/12 E175 17000933 Horizon Air N654QX Alaska Air


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