Embraer reaches 1,500 business jets delivered

Milestone aircraft is a Phenom 300E that was delivered to Haute Aviation, Switzerland

Close to completing 20 years since the first delivery of a Legacy, Embraer reached the impressive milestone of 1,500 business jets delivered this week.

The 1,500º aircraft is a Phenom 300E, its most successful model today and has been the best-selling light jet in its category for nine years.

The customer who received the commemorative Phenom 300E is the Swiss company Haute Aviation, which operates in the charter, resale and management of aircraft.

“We are honored to announce Embraer Executive Jet’s 1,500th delivery. This delivery to Haute Aviation landmark our commitment to delivering the ultimate in business aviation,” said Michael Amalfitano, President & CEO of Embra Executive Jets.

The Phenom 300E cabin (Embraer)

The Phenom 300E is an enhanced variant capable of flying 2,100 miles (3,724 km) non-stop, which allows Haute to fly across Europe.

“For Haute Aviation, the new Phenom 300E is the best product on the market to complete the range of our fleet,” said Catherine Tamagni, Head of Marketing and Communication at Haute Aviation.

According to Embraer, the manufacturer’s business jets are used by 950 customers globally. In 2020, one in four small and mid-sized jets was either a Phenom or a Praetor.

Embraer’s debut in the business segment took place in 2002, a year after the first Legacy performed its maiden flight. Derived from the ERJ 145 regional jet, the medium-capacity aircraft was distinguished above all by its extra fuel capacity.

Embraer Phenom 300E

Despite significant sales, the first Legacy lacked in performance and capacity because it was not originally conceived as a business jet.

Later, Embraer started to develop aircraft exclusive to aviation such as the Phenom and the second generation of the Legacy, which was soon replaced by the Praetor.