Delta 737 Max 10

Delta Air Lines expects deliveries of the Boeing 737 MAX 10 in 2027

In an interview with Bloomberg, the carrier’s CEO says he expects the aircraft will only hit the market in one or two years after 2025, the manufacturer’s official forecast

Delta Air Lines, one of the most recent customers of the 737 MAX, already plans to receive the 737-10 variant only in 2027.

According to the carrier’s CEO, Ed Bastian, the company was already working with deliveries starting at the end of 2025, but after the incident with the door plug on an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, it began to consider an extra delay in the schedule.

“We were already anticipating if it came in ’25, it’d be late in the year,” Bastian told Bloomberg. “My guess is it will be another year or two beyond that.”

Late 737 MAX customer

Delta Air Lines is a late customer for the 737 MAX family as it has focused on expanding its fleet with Airbus aircraft. But in July 2022, the US airline announced an agreement for 100 737 MAX 10, a version with capacity for up to 230 seats.

As a result, the five largest carriers in the United States currently have orders for the Boeing 737 MAX.

Boeing 737 MAX 10 (Ricardo Meier)

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But the events that culminated in great scrutiny over quality problems on the manufacturer’s assembly line have forced it to reach compensation agreements in case of further delays.

According to reports, both American Airlines, a recent 737-10 customer, and Delta have contractual clauses that provide for compensation if the program experiences new unforeseen events. The content of these agreements, however, is confidential.

The 737 MAX 10 was launched by Boeing in June 2017 and had the first aircraft performing its maiden flight in June 2021. As of January 2024, there were 1,171 gross orders for the variant.


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