Boeing or Airbus: which planemaker delivered more planes in 2023?

Preliminary data shows that both companies achieved their commercial aircraft targets for the year

Boeing and Airbus made December a month of high deliveries of commercial aircraft in order to achieve the targets planned for 2023.

And the two planemakers appear to have achieved their objectives, according to preliminary data collected by Air Data News, based on Planespotters records.

According to them, Airbus already had close to 100 aircraft delivered while Boeing may have delivered 65 jets in the month. The data may vary for several reasons, such as planes delivered but not leaving the factories, for example.

If the reported deliveries are confirmed, Airbus will again win the dispute with Boeing. The European company would have delivered at least 722 aircraft, two more than the 2023 target.

Unofficial Boeing aircraft delivery data (ADN)

The US manufacturer, in turn, also has nothing to regret. It may have delivered 526 planes, or 10% more than in 2022.

Boeing would also have reached the targets of delivering 400 737s (so far 391 737 MAX and nine 737NG) and 70 787 Dreamliner (72 aircraft).

A321 soars in deliveries

Airbus would have managed to deliver 563 aircraft from the A320neo family, more than all commercial jets delivered by Boeing.

The A321neo once again led deliveries with around 310 aircraft, followed by the A320no, with at least 245 jets, a volume slightly higher than that of 2022.

The A220 family also had a positive year, with 68 jets delivered, according to the survey – last year there were 53 units.

The result among widebodies, however, was stable at best.

Unofficial Airbus aircraft delivery data (ADN)

Based on the data obtained, 91 jets would have been delivered, 59 A350s and 32 A330s. As a comparison, Airbus had delivered 62 A350s and 32 A330s in 2022, including military versions.

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Even so, in December at least 10 A350s would have been sent to customers, the best result of the year.

On Sunday, December 31, there were still aircraft taking off from the facilities of the two planemakers around the world, which means that the count remains open.


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