Boeing beats Airbus again in commercial aircraft deliveries

US airframer delivered 25 aircraft in January, 21 of which were 737 MAX

The return of the 737 MAX to commercial service made Boeing surpass Airbus for the first time in a many months in the number of  commercial aircraft delivered. According to data released by US airframer, 26 commercial aircraft were delivered in January, including a military 737-800, the P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol plane. Even disregarding this jet, Boeing overtook Airbus in four aircraft since the European rival had delivered 21 units last month.

In addition to the 737 MAX, the manufacturer also celebrated the delivery of a 777F for Air China, a 767-300F for FedEx and a 777-300ER for lessor Novus Aviation Capital. However, there were no deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner, a model that helped Boeing keep its assembly lines busy in 2020.

Of the 21 737 MAX delivered, 12 went to US airlines: five to American Airlines, five to United and two to Alaska Airlines, the first received by the carrier. Copa Airlines also took delivery of two MAX while the remaining seven were sent to lessors.

Boeing also registered the sale of four 747-8Fs to Atlas Air, the last deal for the historic four-engine, which will have the assembly line closed in 2022 after these deliveries.

Customer Model Quantity
Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 2
American Airlines 737 MAX 5
CDB Aviation 737 MAX 1
China Airlines 777F 1
Copa Airlines 737 MAX 2
FedEx 767-300F 1
Novus Aviation Capital 777-300ER 1
SMBC 737 MAX 6
United Airlines 737 MAX 5
Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F


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