Airbus starts 2021 with 21 commercial aircraft deliveries

Airframer had 10 deliveries less than in January 2020. Delta Airlines received almost a third of the planes

Airbus started 2021 with a significant drop in the number of commercial aircraft delivered. In January, the airframer said it had delivered 21 jets, 10 fewer than in January 2020. No new orders have been placed.

According to Airbus’ monthly report, three A220, 10 A320, five A321, one A330 and A350 were delivered. Delta Airlines received six aircraft – an A220-100 and an A220-300, in addition to four A321ceo.

SAS received two A320neo from different lessors while Air China added four aircraft of the same type. Only one A321neo was delivered to American Airlines. Airbus also delivered a rare A319neo to a private customer.

Among the widebodies, an A330-800 was delivered to Uganda Airlines, which completed its order for two jets. Turkish Airlines, in turn, received an A350-900.

Model jan/21 jan/20 Diff. Var.
A220-100 90 95 -5 -5,3%
A220-300 540 563 -23 -4,1%
A319neo 78 84 -6 -7,1%
A320neo 3907 3938 -31 -0,8%
A321neo 3466 3373 93 2,8%
A330-800 15 14 1 7,1%
A330-900 316 323 -7 -2,2%
A350-900 747 754 -7 -0,9%
A350-1000 168 176 -8 -4,5%
A380 251 251 0 0,0%

Month without orders

Once again, Airbus ended a month without receiving any new orders. According to the company, there are 7,163 aircraft in its backlog, down 557 units from January 2020, when there were 7,720 aircraft pending delivery.

Compared to the backlog of a year ago, only the A321neo had an expressive absolute growth in orders, with an increase of 93 aircraft. In addition to the largest jet in the family, only the A330-800 increased thanks to an extra order that increased the total orders to 15 aircraft.

The biggest drop occurred with the A319neo, which out of 84 orders started to display only 78 units ordered. The A320neo and A220-300 lost the most orders – 31 and 23 respectively. Airbus, however, celebrated the fact that there were no cancellations in the month.

Uganda Airlines completed its order of two A330-800 (@RuhakanaR)