Boeing authorized by the FAA to re-deliver 787 Dreamliner jets – report

The US civil aviation agency approved the manufacturer’s proposed changes on Friday, Reuters sources said. Resumption of deliveries should take place in August

After being interrupted in May 2021, deliveries of the widebody 787 Dreamliner are expected to resume in August by Boeing. According to Reuters sources, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on Friday approved the changes proposed by the manufacturer to inspect the aircraft before issuing their certificates of airworthiness.

Boeing has struggled to deliver the 787 for at least two years, when manufacturing flaws were discovered by the FAA. Deliveries were suspended for five months and resumed in March last year, but two months later they were interrupted again.

The problems mainly affected the carbon fiber parts that are widely used in the jet, the most modern of the line. As a result, the US civil aviation authority took over the process of individual certification of the planes, which was previously done by Boeing itself.

There are currently around 120 Dreamliner jets ready for delivery at Boeing’s facilities. The manufacturer has produced some planes, but should only gradually resume the monthly rate of five aircraft, as it manages to send the ready-made fleet to its customers.


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