Video shows the UK F-35B crashing into the sea

Images have leaked onto social media and show the fighter taking off at abnormal speed. Pilot ejected shortly thereafter

A video played on a computer screen is circulating on social media showing the timing of the crash with the UK’s Lockheed Martin F-35B fighter on 17 November.

The images show the aircraft taking off in the “sky jump” of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth at low speed and then falling into the sea in front of the vessel.

The pilot ejected as soon as the F-35B left the deck and was rescued unharmed. According to the preliminary investigation, an engine protection cover would have been forgotten and sucked, causing the malfunction.

The Queen Elizabeth is on her first mission and has already traveled to different regions of the world. The aircraft belonged to the Royal Air Force and is of the V/STOL variant, of short landing and take-off.

Rescue teams from the United Kingdom are searching the region where the plane sank in the Mediterranean Sea, in order to prevent the F-35B from being captured by nations that are not on good terms with the West.


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