Flybondi Boeing 737-800

Ultra-low-cost Flybondi wants to hire Boeing 737 captains in Brazil

Argentine carrier targets crew members like those at Gol Linhas Aéreas, which is undergoing financial restructuring

The financial crisis at Gol Linhas Aéreas has attracted the interest of foreign airlines looking for experienced Boeing 737 jet pilots.

After requesting financial restructuring in the United States, Chapter 11, Gol has tried to renegotiate its debts, especially with lessors of the majority of its fleet.

The risks involved in the process, however, place employees in an environment of uncertainty and this seems to contribute to other airlines trying to attract these professionals.

LATAM, for example, sent a letter to leasing companies looking for Airbus A320 jets, but also Boeing 737s like those operated by Gol.

As its pilots fly planes from the European manufacturer, it would be expected that a possible leasing of 737s would encourage the hiring of crew members with experience on Boeings rather than training their own pilots on the aircraft.

In an even more favorable situation, Arajet, a new airline from the Dominican Republic, held a meeting in Brazil in February to look for candidates to fly its 737 MAX, another aircraft operated by Gol.

Gol 737 MAX 8 (LunchWithaLens)

Boeing 737 captains

On Tuesday, another foreign carrier, Flybondi, announced a similar proposal. The Argentine low-cost airline has opened a call to hire foreign pilots.

The company is looking for captains with more than 5,000 total flight hours and experience in aircraft over 28 tons.

It is worth remembering that Flybondi operates 15 Boeing 737-800, precisely the Brazilian airline’s main aircraft.

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Arajet Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Arajet)

“This search is attractive for those profiles who wish to fly in the Argentine market, in a differentiated and constantly developing company”, said Eduardo Gáspari, Director of Operations at Flybondi.

The company, however, did not reveal how many open positions it has.

Flybondi flies to 18 destinations in Argentina and three cities in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis and São Paulo.


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