Arajet Boeing 737 MAX 8

Arajet seeks Boeing 737 MAX pilots in Brazil

Dominican low-cost airline began operations in 2022 and already has nine 737 MAX 8 jets in its fleet, the same type used by Brazilian airline Gol, which is in bankruptcy

Expanding rapidly, low-cost carrier Arajet, from the Dominican Republic, is looking for pilots and maintenance technicians for its Boeing 737 MAX jets.

Unable to fill vacancies domestically, the airline decided to look for staff in other countries, including Brazil.

To this end, Arajet held a road show in São Paulo on February 22 to recruit professionals.

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The company offered vacancies for 37 captains, 29 first officers and 20 maintenance technicians.

Arajet Boeing 737 MAX 8 (MHernandezp05)

The Brazilian response was positive, with dozens of people interested in the jobs, according to Arajet.

“We are happy to have received more than a hundred applications that we are sure will meet our requirements and many will be part of the Arajet family” stated Ann Sánchez, VP of Culture and Human Resources Management.

Aircraft used by Gol Linhas Aéreas

The choice of São Paulo for the road show does not seem like a coincidence. This is where Gol Linhas Aéreas is headquartered, the only Brazilian airline that operates the 737 MAX.

The carrier’s fleet has 45 MAX 8 model aircraft, which are gradually replacing the older 737 NG.

Gol, however, is going through financial restructuring while renegotiating contracts with its creditors, especially lessors, who account for almost its entire aircraft fleet.

Gol Boeing 737-800 (Rafael Luiz Canossa)

Therefore, Arajet’s search for professionals with experience on the 737 MAX could be more bad news for Gol amid negotiations to cover its billion-dollar debt.

After debuting its first flights in 2022, Arajet currently operates nine 737 MAX 8 jets and still has 11 to be received from Boeing. The airline’s flight network includes 21 destinations from Santo Domingo.


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