Start-up Arajet plans to expand flights in the Americas in 2023

Dominican Republic’s ultra-low-cost airline has only been operating for eight months, but plans an ambitious expansion to destinations in America

Renamed in 2021, the Dominican ultra low-cost airline Arajet started its flights in September 2022, but not even the short time in activity prevented its executives from drawing up ambitious plans for the company.

Currently operating to destinations such as Aruba, Curaçao, Bogotá, Cali, Cancún, Mexico City, Kingston, Quito, San Salvador, San José de Costa Rica and Lima, Arajet is embarking on a second and third phase of expansion.

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The goal is to establish routes to several US cities such as Miami, Boston, New York and Orlando and also to South America.

In this case, destinations such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Asunción, Montevideo and São Paulo are on Arajet’s horizon.

Arajet will receive at least 20 737 MAX 8-200 (Boeing)

Arajet has a fleet of five Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets configured with 185 seats in two classes.

In March 2022, the carrier ordered 20 high-capacity 737-8-200 aircraft with an option for an additional 15 aircraft.


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