LATAM and Gol aircraft

Letter from LATAM seeking Boeing 737 jets the day after Gol’s bankruptcy filing appears

Brazilian airline had the approval of the US Court that is monitoring to investigate the rival’s alleged attempt to hinder negotiations with its lessors

Gol Linhas Aereas obtained approval from the New York Bankruptcy Court to investigate LATAM Airlines due to the rival’s attempt to disrupt the leasing negotiation of its planes.

The carrier is trying to renegotiate billion-dollar debts with its creditors, including the lessors of almost all of the Boeing 737 jets that fly with it.

But the day after the bankruptcy announcement, LATAM sent a letter to some of these lessors, expressing interest in closing leasing agreements for the aircraft.

As is known, LATAM does not fly the Boeing 737, not even as a freighter. The airline based in Santiago de Chile is a customer only of Airbus and the A320 family when it comes to single-aisle jets.

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A copy of the letter was published last week and shows that LATAM is looking for more A320 jets due to problems with the PW1000G engines.

LATAM Airlines letter (Social media)

However, in addition to asking for A320 and A321 jets, the company also requests information about Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX aircraft, types used by Gol.

According to Reuters, LATAM’s lawyer acknowledged the existence of the letter, but stated that the airline was only trying to reinforce its fleet.

US Court Judge Martin Glenn saw evidence that LATAM’s tactics may have violated bankruptcy law and authorized the investigation.

LATAM has vacancies for Boeing 737 pilots

Gol also alleges that LATAM is harassing the company’s pilots as well as discouraging travel agents from booking its flights.

Gol Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Colin Cooke Photo/CC)

In this case, the judge did not admit a relationship with Gol regarding a recent advertisement in which LATAM is looking for 737 pilots.

The value of Gol shares on the Brazilian Stock Exchange fell 72% between January 2nd and February 9th.


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