Tech Eagle: check out the new paint job for Embraer’s “Profit Hunter” jet

E195-E2 demonstration aircraft was repainted in the Netherlands to display an eagle theme in place of the previous lion

Embraer unveiled on Tuesday the E195-E2 “Tech Eagle” jet. The aircraft, used for demonstrations to customers, the press and the general public, is the same one that displayed the “Tech Lion” livery, registration PR-ZIQ.

However, the Brazilian planemaker took it to Maastricht Aachen Airport, in the Netherlands, in order to update its look with a new theme for the well-known “Profit Hunter” jet.

The adopted style maintained the metallic brown background tone, however, now the lines, letters and the Embraer logo are in a light blue color.

The stylized eagle design on the aircraft’s nose, however, is more impressive than the previous lion. Overall, the paintwork became more eye-catching and even repeats the theme used in another E195-E2 prototype, the PR-ZIJ.

The old livery (above) and the new scheme colors (Embraer)

The E195-E2 PR-ZIQ has the serial number 19020041 and first flew on November 18, 2017.

The aircraft has been used on demonstration flights around the world and for this purpose it has a passenger cabin with seats arranged with different spacing between rows.


E195-E2 Tech Eagle (Embraer)

The jet had been on a tour of Asia between the end of September and the beginning of October, with visits to Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi and Goa before landing in the Netherlands on October 7.

The E195-E2 Tech Eagle could make its first public appearance in November, during the Dubai Air Show on the 13th and 17th.


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