Porter Airlines: how a small regional airline turned into a booming carrier thanks to the E195-E2 jets

About a year ago, the Canadian airline maintained a fleet of Dash 8 turboprops and a modest flight network. Today the company already has 25 Embraer planes and plans to fly to other countries

Until some time ago, Porter Airlines was an unknown and small regional carrier, focusing on flights in eastern Canada and some destinations in the USA. But since receiving Embraer’s new E195-E2 jets, the company has made a leap in its performance that is surprising.

In about a year, Porter received 25 jets of the model, which is configured to carry 132 passengers and has very high operational efficiency.

Flights to western Canada were soon launched and weeks ago the E195-E2 allowed Porter to fly from Toronto and Ottawa to several Florida cities.

Soon, the airline will also fly to California, thanks to the great range of the Embraer aircraft.

Porter Airlines E195-E2 (YYT)

To get an idea of how the company has grown in just 12 months, just note that the number of seats available went from 2,262 seats to almost 5,600, an increase of 146%.

The E195-E2s already account for 60% of Porter’s seat supply and this total will rise further in December, as the company intends to have four more aircraft by the end of the month.

The goal is to have 58 planes in the fleet, 29 Embraer jets and 29 Dash -400 turboprops.

Porter Airlines E195-E2 cabin (Embraer)

Porter Airlines enters a “new era”

But Porter Airlines is not even halfway through its expansion plan. In 2024, the carrier expects the delivery of another 21 E195-E2s, ending the year with 50 aircraft.

In 2025, the 25 recently ordered E195-E2s will begin to be delivered and it will not be surprising if another order is confirmed in the near future. Porter intends to have 100 of these jets in service.

To Flight Global, Porter’s chief executive, Michael Deluce, stated that the E195-E2 exceeded all expectations, especially in terms of fuel economy.

“We entered a new era when we began operating the E195-E2 earlier this year,” said Deluce.

Porter Airlines two first E195-E2 (Embraer)

The Canadian airline’s next destinations have already been defined: flying to Mexico and the Caribbean, which are within the autonomy of the Embraer aircraft.

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Additionally, Porter has just announced a joint venture with Air Transat, a Canadian leisure airline. Thanks to it, passengers from both companies will soon be able to share flights.

For Embraer, Porter Airlines is a huge success story. The airline is so far the only customer for the E2 models in North America, but its impressive performance could serve as an example for other companies to see the virtues of the aircraft. And there is no better advertising than this.

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