Flybondi plans to open a low-cost branch in Brazil

Budget carrier welcomes Brazilian government’s project to make air travel cheaper

Amid the recovery of its growth plans after the pandemic, the Argentinean low cost airline Flybondi remains optimistic about a potential opening of a branch in Brazil.

In an interview with the iNFRA outlet, the company’s CEO, Mauricio Sana, revealed that he hopes to establish an airline based in the country to explore domestic flights.

Flying to Brazil since 2019, when it debuted routes to Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis from Buenos Aires, the budget carrier has occasionally expressed interest in a possible entry into the Brazilian domestic market, but without any concrete steps having taken place.

This time, however, Sana saw in the project to make air travel cheaper by the Brazilian government a chance to turn the project into reality.

Flybondi 9th 737-800 NG (Flybondi)

Growing jet fleet

The executive used the famous example that Brazilians travel little, only 0.4 flights per inhabitant per year.

The concern with Brazil, however, remains the same: excessive regulation and tax burden, as well as threats to force airlines to offer baggage allowance in the ticket price.

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The low-cost model, very popular in Europe and the US, provides that the passenger pays for each service separately, which, in the view of the advocates of this strategy, makes air travel fairer.

Flybondi debuted in Argentina in 2018 with a fleet of five Boeing 737 jets. It currently operates 12 aircraft of the 737-800 version and expects to receive two more units soon.


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