Embraer reaches the milestone of 1,600 Ipanema agricultural airplanes delivered

Agricultural Aviation Division registered a record of 65 aircraft sent to customers in 2023

Embraer’s agricultural aviation division reported an 18% increase in deliveries of Ipanema aircraft in 2023 compared to the previous year, totaling 65 units.

At the same time, the company reached the historic mark of 1,600 units delivered over five decades of continuous production of the Ipanema, also in December.

The growth in deliveries is attributed to the performance of the EMB-203 model, launched in 2020. With plans to increase production to 70 aircraft this year, Embraer stated that the new milestone is a result of growing demand for agricultural aviation solutions.

Sany Onofre, Ipanema Program Manager at Embraer, highlighted Ipanema’s positive contribution to Brazilian agribusiness. “Ipanema has improved productivity, efficiency and sustainability in the sector,” said Onofre.

Embraer Ipanema (Embraer)

Leader in the Brazilian aerial spraying market, Ipanema presents innovations that combine robustness with low operating costs and carbon emissions, according to the company.

The only agricultural aircraft certified and produced in series to fly on ethanol, the Ipanema provides a renewable energy source that also means higher engine power.

Embraer’s longest-lasting aircraft

The development of the Ipanema began in 1968. The project was born at the Aerospace Technical Center (CTA), in São José dos Campos, and was soon taken over by Embraer, created in 1969, and the first units of the aircraft reached the market in 1973.

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The Ipanema is the manufacturer’s longest-lived aircraft and also its best-selling.