Embraer plans to deliver up to 70 commercial aircraft in 2022

Planemaker will have a 46% increase in deliveries over 2021 if it reaches the target, but still far from the 89 planes delivered in 2019

Embraer released its forecasts for 2022 on Wednesday. The Brazilian aircraft maker expects to deliver between 60 and 70 commercial aircraft this year, in addition to 110 executive jets.

These are very significant goals in relation to 2021, but still far from the pre-pandemic level. If it reaches 70 commercial jets delivered, the company will have increased deliveries by 46% compared to 2021. However, these figures are much lower than those of 2019 (89 aircraft) and 2016 (108 aircraft).

The growth in deliveries of executive planes will be more modest, at 18% – there were 93 aircraft last year.

The planemaker presented positive figures in 2021 after a period of setbacks with the end of the partnership with Boeing and the effects of Covid-19.

According to it, the backlog reached the highest level since the second quarter of 2018, with $17 billion. Net revenues reached $4.2 billion, up 11% – led by commercial aviation with a 32% share, but with a good presence from business aviation (27%), services (27%) and defense and security (14%).

Phenom 300E (Embraer)

The company also managed to lengthen its debt of $4 billion and ended last year with a small loss of $29 million.

According to CEO Francisco Gomes Neto, the plan is to return to net income in 2022 in view of the prospect of net revenue of $5 billion.

Titanium is not a issue

Embraer executives explained in an interview that the company’s number of aircraft in Russia is small, at 60 aircraft, almost all belonging to the leasing company abroad.

The company is following the sanctions imposed by the West to stop relying on titanium supplied by the Russians. According to Embraer, two thirds of the material comes from Russia, but there are stocks for 18 to 24 months of production – new suppliers are being sought.

Gomes Neto also stated that the less accurate forecast is caused by uncertainties regarding component suppliers.

Embraer’s CEO was keen to reinforce that the estimates for 2022 do not include Eve, the Urban Air Mobility subsidiary that has been the company’s highlight in recent months.

Embraer believes that the completion of Eve’s merger with Zanite Acquisition Corp will occur during the second quarter of this year, paving the way for the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange.


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