Embraer missed target in commercial jet deliveries in 2022

Planemaker delivered 57 aircraft, three planes short of its initial estimate. In the 4th quarter alone, 30 jets were delivered

As expected, Embraer had a busy 4th quarter in commercial aircraft deliveries, especially in December. During the release of its updated backlog in 2022, the planemaker from Brazil revealed that it had delivered 30 commercial jets in the last quarter of the year, three more than was predicted by Air Data News.

The manufacturer sent its customers 14 E175s, 12 E195-E2s, three first-generation E190s and a sole E190-E2, whose customer was not revealed. In public records, the aircraft was not found.

Regarding the data collected by this site, Embraer claimed to have delivered two other E195-E2s, one to Porter Airlines. The second plane may have been the PS-AEM registration, a jet sent to Azul Linhas Aereas in early 2023, but accounted for as delivered in 2022.

In the sum of the year, Embraer delivered 57 commercial jets, nine more than in 2021 and 13 more than 2020. The total, however, is still far from pre-pandemic levels, when between 90 and 110 aircraft were delivered annually.

Embraer deliveries – commercial aircraft

The E175 remained the company’s cash cow, with 35 aircraft delivered, eight more than in 2021. The E2 family, on the other hand, had a small drop in deliveries, from 21 to 19 aircraft.

Backlog shrinks

The backlog of commercial jets had the fourth consecutive drop, with 291 aircraft pending delivery. It is the lowest level since the 1st quarter of 2021, but it may recover this year with the good prospects for new agreements.

The E175 dropped from 147 to 90 aircraft yet to be delivered while the E2 family compensated by adding 26 backorders.

Embraer backlog (commercial aircraft)

Regarding the 3rd quarter, there was the suppression of two more E175s for Republic Airlines, but the inclusion of an order for three aircraft for an undisclosed customer.

In the E2 family, in addition to the mysterious E190-E2, Embraer has added 22 E195-E2s, 15 of them for another still confidential customer, announced in January. Lessor Azorra, in turn, replaced four E195-E2 slots with the same number of E190-E2.


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