Embraer launches E195-E2 world tour

The biggest commercial jet of the manufacturer began its trip by China, market that grew 10.9% in 2018

After presenting at the Paris Air Show in June, Embraer started this week a world tour with the E195-E2, its largest commercial jet.

The first stop occurs in China when the aircraft, painted with the standard “TechLion“, will demonstrate to its potential customers the alleged economy of operation. The stay in Asia will go until August, but Embraer has not revealed what future countries will be visited later.

“We are delighted to start the global demo tour of the E195-E2, the largest aircraft ever developed by Embraer, with our Chinese customers,” said John Slattery, CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation. “Airlines will love the E2’s exceptional economics and efficiency, greater operational flexibility and unmatched passenger comfort. The most efficient single-aisle jet in the market, the E195-E2 is the ideal aircraft for growing regional business and complementing existing low-cost and mainline fleets. ”

China is now a major commercial airplane, with growth in double-digit air traffic – by 2018 it was 10.9%. According to the manufacturer, the E195-E2, capable of carrying 136 passengers, is able to offer a cost per seat like that of a larger single-aisle jet, but with a lower per-trip cost.

Embraer’s presence in China is in eight airlines that operate 105 aircraft of the company.

The E195-E2 will enter service this semester with the airline Azul, from Brazil, and will also be delivered to Binter Canarias by the end of the year.

Tiajin Airlines is one the biggest Embraer´s operator in China (Kentaro Iemoto)


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