Embraer and KLM announce agreement for sale of 35 E195-E2

Cityhopper division is the largest operator of Embraer in Europe that has 49 aircraft between models E175 and E190

After receiving only a small order for the E195-E2, Embraer finally unveiled a major deal on Wednesday at Le Bourget with KLM. The Dutch company announced the intention to buy 35 E195-E2 jets, 15 of them on a firm order and the rest as an option. The agreement, which still depends on a formal contract, is worth $ 2.5 billion in list prices.

KLM, through its Cityhopper division, is the largest operator of Embraer aircraft in Europe with 49 jets (17 E175 and 32 E190 first generation) that will for the first time have an airplane with passenger capacity of more than 130 seats.

“Embraer has been a key partner for KLM and Cityhopper over the past ten years.” Our customers appreciate the E190 and E175’s. “The E2 would be a welcome addition to the KLM fleet, giving us greater capacity flexibility and helping to manage down costs. addition, the environmentally friendly E195-E2 also supports our sustainability goals with lower levels of noise and emissions, “said KLM CEO Pieter Elbers.

Dependent on E175

Soon to have its line of commercial jets passed on to the joint venture Boeing Brasil Commercial, Embraer has accumulated few requests from the E2 family. By the first quarter of this year, next generation jets had 251 aircraft ordered, 158 in firm orders and 93 options.

Embraer and KLM celebrate the agreement in Le Bourget

Only the E195-E2 and E190-E2 variants have confirmed orders while the smaller E175-E2 depends on a change in the scope clause between US airlines and pilot unions that prevents it from being used because it is too heavy.

At Le Bourget, the Brazilian manufacturer continued to rely on the first-generation E175, a jet that fits like no other in the restrictions imposed on American regional airlines. There were 39 units of an order from United Express and two from the Japanese company Fuji Dream Airlines.

On the other hand, the new E2 family had only two E195-E2s sold to Spain’s Binter from a conversion of options to firm orders. Should the agreement with KLM become effective, Embraer will have accumulated 78 aircraft in Paris, between firm orders and options.

Fuji Dream Airlines E175 (Embraer)


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