Embraer expects to return to delivering 100 E-Jets per year in 2026

As global demand for new commercial aircraft increases, Embraer expects to restore E1 and E2 family production to pre-pandemic levels

Once the pandemic is over, Embraer expects to recover the production and delivery of passenger aircraft to levels before the Covid-19 pandemic crisis in the coming years.

In an interview with journalists during an event in Portugal, Arjan Meijer, CEOt of Embraer Commercial Aviation, said that “by 2026 we could get back to about 100 aircraft [delivered] per year,” according to Flight Global.

The last time Embraer ended a year with more than 100 commercial jets delivered was in 2017, when it shipped 101 aircraft to customers.

In 2022, the company delivered 57 first and second generation E-Jets, a figure that could rise to up to 70 planes this year, according to the manufacturer’s projection.

In Meijer’s view, the growth in E-Jets deliveries will be a result of the increase in demand for new commercial aircraft around the world, as well as the adequacy of the supply chain and the solution to the shortage of pilots in the United States, where the Embraer’s largest market.

Arjan Meijer, new CEO of Commercial Aviation Business (Embraer)

The head of Embraer Commercial Aviation pointed out that the company is currently carrying out campaigns that could result in the sale of 200 E-Jets E2. Opportunities could come from airlines seeking replacements for aging E1 jets or from Airbus A319 and Boeing 737-700 models.

Meijer also considered that the E2 series jets have a strong sales potential in China and that the Brazilian aircraft can operate alongside the jets of the Chinese state-owned company COMAC. “We believe they could perfectly co-exist and complement the Chinese products,” said the executive, referring to the ARJ21 and the newly introduced C919.

First generation E175 still in production

Embraer Commercial Aviation’s biggest sales success, the first-generation E175 should experience a new wave of orders in the US, where most of these aircraft fly, according to Meijer.

The E175 has been the aircraft of choice for US regional carriers for the past several years. The market is governed by a scope clause of the pilots’ unions that limits the maximum takeoff weight and the number of passengers that aircraft in this category can carry.

Embraer E175 from Republic Airways

As there was no change in these rules, which stipulate an MTOW of 46,000 kg and a maximum of 76 passengers on board, Embraer froze the E175-E2 project, as it does not fit the current requirements.

Meijer noted that US E175 operators must look for replacements for current fleets and the solution, for now, will be new units of the same aircraft.

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“We have active campaigns in the US, and we expect to announce some developments shortly,” said Meijer.


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