Embraer delivered 48 commercial jets in 2021

Brazilian planemaker recorded 16 deliveries in the 4th quarter, the most of the E175 model. Executive jets totaled 93 deliveries last year

Embraer achieved a small improvement in commercial jet delivery figures in 2021. Last year, 48 aircraft were delivered, four more than in 2020, according to data released by the company.

Most of the planes were of the E175 model, of the first generation, which are in great demand in the USA. There were 26 deliveries of the jet with up to 88 seats.

The E2 family had its best result since the beginning of commercial service, in 2018. Embraer delivered 21 jets, 19 of the E195-E2 version and two of the E190-E2.

In Q4, the company delivered 12 E175s and four E195-E2s, or 12 fewer than in the same time frame in 2020.


Total firm orders in 2021 reached 1996 aircraft, a positive difference of 92 units compared to 2020. A total of 42 E175s and 50 E195-E2s were added to the backlog while the E190-E2 and E175-E2 received no orders.

Embraer’s backlog grew again for the third consecutive quarter. The company ended 2021 with 325 jets pending delivery, twelve more than two years ago.

Most orders are for the E195-E2, with 170 planes, while the E175 has 147 units to be delivered. In addition to them, there are five E190-E2s and three first-generation E190s.

Business jets

In the executive aviation segment, Embraer had a slight growth in deliveries. In all, 93 business jets were delivered compared to the 86 aircraft sent to its customers in 2020.

Embraer Phenom 300E

The Phenom 300 totaled 56 aircraft delivered while the Phenom 100 repeated the result of 2020, with six deliveries.

The Praetor series had 31 aircraft delivered (14 Praetor 500 and 17 Praetor 600), or three more than the year before last. In 2020, however, Embraer still dispatched two Legacy jets to its customers, models that are no longer in production.


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