Croatia Airlines to renew fleet with Airbus A220

Airline has said it will replace its A319, A320 and Dash 8 with a “single-type” aircraft strategy

Croatia Airlines, a small company in the Balkan, announced on Tuesday that it has decided to renew its fleet of aircraft with the A220.

According to the airline, the Airbus jet will be the only type of aircraft in its fleet from 2026. Croatia currently has five A319s, one A320 and six Dash 8 turboprops, all of which are aged.

The details of the future agreement were not anticipated, but it should involve the conversion of four A320neo pending delivery – Airbus had not commented until the publication of the article.

Founded in 1989, Croatia Airlines has operated aircraft from various manufacturers such as Boeing (737), ATR, Bombardier (CRJ) and BAe. The company had been negotiating for some time not only with Airbus, but also with Boeing and Embraer.

A220 family (Airbus)

Unrefusable offer

The choice of Airbus is yet another frustration for the Brazilian manufacturer, which in September expressed its optimism regarding the choice of the E2 family.

According to local media reports, Embraer had made Croatia Airlines an offer they could not refuse that even included financial compensation for the loss of the 10 million euro deposit for the A320neo.

Faced with the queue for the A220, Embraer also beckoned with deliveries starting at 18 months in addition to greater operating savings than its rival.

Embraer was confident that it would close a deal with Croatia Airlines in September (Embraer)


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