United Overture supersonic aircraft

Boom Supersonic strikes deal with tooling supplier to manufacture Overture jet

Advanced Integration Technology (AIT) will be responsible for supplying and integrating the aircraft’s assembly tools at the Greenboro plant.

Boom Supersonic, US startup that develops the Overture supersonic passenger plane, announced an agreement with Advanced Integration Technology (AIT) to supply the tooling for the aircraft’s automated assembly line.

AIT will be responsible for the design, fabrication and installation of custom tooling for the Overture Superfactory, which will be installed starting in December in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Major hardware provided by AIT will include automated drilling machinery, mobile transport equipment, and setups for positioning and joining setups

Boom maintains plans to start production of the Overture, a jet for up to 80 passengers capable of flying at Mach 1.7, in 2024, with rollout taking place in 2025.

Boom Overture

“Advanced Integration Technology is a recognized leader in aircraft assembly tooling, and we are excited to be working with them to prepare the Superfactory for Overture production,” said Chris Taylor, Vice President of Manufacturing at Boom. “This order will help ensure that the Superfactory is ready for Overture’s manufacturing launch in 2024.”

Despite that, the Denver-based company has yet to find an engine for the Overture after Rolls-Royce pulled out of the partnership in early September.

Boom, however, says it will announce the company that will supply Overture’s engines by the end of the year. American Airlines and United Airlines are among the aircraft’s potential customers after signing initial agreements.


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