Azul E195-E2 aircraft that underwent a runway excursion in May returns to revenue flights

Modern Embraer jet spent more than three months being recovered to fly again

Azul Linhas Aereas resumed revenue flights with the E195-E2 jet registration PS-AED on Sunday, August 20th. The Embraer aircraft had been out of service since May 10th when it had a runway excursion during landing at Salvador Airport, Brazil.

The E195-E2 is one of the most modern aircraft in the airline’s fleet and has capacity for 136 passengers. Azul currently has 17 aircraft in service, but several others on order or as a result of leasing contracts.

The return flight to service was carried out between Campinas (Viracopos) and the city of Rondonópolis. The jet also made other routes to Rio de Janeiro (Galeão), Brasília and Curitiba.

The PS-AED was the fifth E195-E2 received by Azul, shortly before the start of the pandemic, in February 2020.

On May 10, the jet was flying AD 4372, which took off from Viracopos Airport (SP) and was instructed to land on the auxiliary runway at Luís Eduardo Magalhães Airport, which is about 1,500 meters long.

It was raining at the time of landing and the Embraer ended up going over the runway limits and getting stuck in the mud. Neither the passengers nor the crew were injured, but it was not possible to remove the aircraft from the site.

Azul E195-E2 suffered a runway excursion (Social media)

The aircraft was only removed from the site later and prepared to have minimum flight conditions for the transfer to Viracopos on June 23rd.

The flight, however, took longer than usual, lasting more than 3 hours. The plane only reached an altitude of 18,000 feet (5,500 meters) and a maximum speed of 300 knots (560 km/h), according to FlightRadar24 data.

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Since then, the aircraft has been recovered at the company’s maintenance workshops in Campinas. On Saturday the 19th, the PS-AED performed a verification flight in the region before being cleared for commercial flights again.


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