Airbus would have delivered 600 jets in 2021

Unofficial figures indicate that planemaker reached target set in the middle of last year

Airbus would have met or even exceeded its 2021 commercial aircraft delivery forecast, according to Reuters. The news agency did not reveal an exact number, but sources indicate that the planemaker has passed the 600 commercial jet milestone shipped to its customers.

According to AIB Flights, a website that monitors the movement of aircraft at Airbus facilities, exactly 600 commercial jets were delivered last year.

The A320 family planes lead the statistics with 478 aircraft, followed by the A350 (52 planes), A220 (48), A330 (13), A380 (5) and A330 MRTT (4), in this case a military variant.

It is worth mentioning that the data from AIB Flights may differ from official sources because they are based on flights and not deliveries under contract, as Airbus records the information.

If planemaker confirms the figures, there will have been an increase of 34 aircraft delivered compared to 2020, when 566 aircraft were received by customers.

To reach the target, Airbus would have delivered in December at least 87 aircraft (65 A320 family jets, 12 A350, seven A220, two A330 and one A380).


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