Airbus commercial aircraft deliveries reach 735 units in 2023

In December alone, the European planemaker delivered 112 commercial jets, exceeding its target for the year of 720 aircraft

Airbus easily exceeded its target of delivering 720 commercial aircraft in 2023. According to data released by the company on January 11, 735 commercial jets were sent to its customers, an increase of 11% compared to 2022.

The milestone is significant due to persistent problems in the supply chain, especially the GTF engines, from Pratt & Whitney, which power part of the A320neo models.

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After a few disappointing months, Airbus managed to deliver 112 jets in December, 81 of them from the A320 family.

Airbus comercial jetsdeliveries grew by 11.2% in 2023 (ADN)

The A321neo, as expected, was once again the most delivered aircraft type, with 317 aircraft, followed by the A320neo, with 247 units.

The A220-300, manufactured in North America, surpassed the A350-900 and was the third most delivered jet, with 65 units compared to 52 for the widebody.

Two other twin-aisle aircraft also grew: the A350-1000 went from 10 to 12 deliveries and the A330-900, from 20 to 29 aircraft sent to customers.

Airbus aircraft families (Airbus)

Airbus also managed to increase deliveries of the A319neo, but only by one aircraft. The smallest of the A220s, the A220-100, had only three deliveries while the A330-200, intended for military use, fell from five to three jets.

The planemaker, however, did not deliver any A330-800. Of the 12 firm orders, there are five aircraft pending delivery.

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By families, the A220 went from 53 to 68 planes, the A320, from 516 to 571 planes, the A330 repeated the 32 aircraft while the A350 increased by four deliveries (from 60 to 64 planes).

By region, Europe led with 38% of deliveries, followed by Asia Pacific (32%), the Americas (25%), the Middle East and Africa (8%) and Oceania (1%).